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Django inclusion tags can modify page context 🤯
Searching within an area with GeoDjango and PostGIS 🌎
Optimize the Django ORM 🚀


Prettier URLs with automatic slug generation 🐌
Unique, but obfuscated URLs in Django
Django Reversion + Wagtail = magic 🧙
Easily update URL querystrings in a template

Hi, I'm Adam 👋

I've been a backend programmer for ~20 years in a variety of different languages before I discovered Python 10 years ago and never looked back. alldjango includes all the hard-won experience I've gained over the years building production-scale Django websites.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter with questions, comments, or bitter invectives.

All code is licensed as MIT.

Some of my side projects

  • Bookmarking for Developers
  • Unicorn: A full-stack component library for Django 🦄
  • coltrane: A simple content site framework that harnesses the power of Django without the hassle 🎵
  • The online playground for Python utilities
  • django-fbv: Utilities to make Django function-based views cleaner, more efficient, and better tasting
  • Progressively enhance HTML with lightweight JavaScript libraries
  • minestrone: An opinionated Python library that lets you search, modify, and parse messy HTML with ease 🥫

alldjango inspiration

This project is extremely indebted to the ethos (and design!) of by Matt Swanson. Check it out if you are more into 💎 than 🐍.