Easily update URL querystrings in a template

On devmarks.io I have a side bar with tags that, when clicked, filter the current list of bookmarks. I use querystrings for those filters so I needed a way to dynamically make links add a querystring to the current url.

The following example is how the template tag works in a template.

{% load url_tags %}

<a href="{% add_query_string replace=True filter='filter-1' %}">Replaces the `filter` querystring with `filter=filter-1` on the current URLa>

<a href="{% add_query_string filter='filter-2' %}">Adds a new `filter=filter-2` querystring on the current URLa>

<a href="{% add_query_string view='view-0' %}">Adds a new `view=view-0` querystring on the current URLa>

And here is the Django template tag that provides the functionality above.

# templatetags/url_tags.py

import urllib.parse as urlparse
from urllib.parse import urlencode

from django import template

register = template.Library()

def add_query_string(context, url: str = None, replace=False, **params) -> str:
    Mutates a querystring.
        url: If no `url` is passed in, the current request context is used by default.
        replace: Replace all keys of the querystring if `True`. Defaults to `False`.

    if not url:
        request = context.get("request")
        url = request.get_full_path()

    # Tweaked from https://stackoverflow.com/a/2506477
    url_parts = list(urlparse.urlparse(url))
    query = None

    if replace:
        query = urlparse.parse_qsl(url_parts[4])
        new_query = []
        keys = set()

        for (k, v) in query:

            if k in params:
                new_query.append((k, params[k]))
                new_query.append((k, v))

        query = new_query

        # Handle params that aren't currently in the querystring
        for (k, v) in params.items():
            if k not in keys:
                query.append((k, v))
        query = urlparse.parse_qsl(url_parts[4])

        for k, v in params.items():
            query.append((k, v))

    url_parts[4] = urlencode(query)

    return urlparse.urlunparse(url_parts)

This template tag provides a way to dynamically tweak a URL's querystring easily. Hopefully it works as well for you as it does for me.

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